You guys took America by storm on America’s Got Talent. I think everyone was really shocked and surprised by your performance. What was that experience like, and how do you feel it has helped you in your career?
LM: We know just by looks you don’t expect what we do & that is what makes it even more fun. Plus It was Free Publicity, & my favorite part was meeting ALL the other talented people in the process.
FB: The cool thing is we didn’t audition, AGT called us. After researching the show, (in a book called “Inside AGT”) we decided it would be best for us to get in & get out! There’s a lot of paperwork involved and being locked into a bad contract isn’t something we need. Which is why we haven’t signed any of the major record offers we’ve received (up to 10 offers now). Most of them want to much control over our music, our image, & a majority of the money. And we’re not willing to compromise who we are, what we believe and our value, just to have our name on a Bigger stage. Bruce Lee once said, “A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” It was a cool experience at 1st but the further into it we went, we just wanted out. But our appearance on America’s Got Talent was one of the most watched of that season & has placed us on the World stage & I am very grateful for that. Everyone always asks if we are gonna try out again, and the answer is “No.” We’re booking shows worldwide, working on new music, ready for the next thing GOD has for us.
In 2016 one of the biggest issues of the year was the DAPL (Pipeline) in North Dakota. I know that you both felt very strongly in protesting the pipeline, and the outpour of support from people of all walks of life felt the same. Do you both feel that being more in the spotlight it makes a difference in getting the government to listen and how do you suggest people continue to help in these efforts?
LM: I feel like every little bit of support helps, sure celebs have a big impact but everyone has something they are good at like beadwork, Art, cooking, music, tattoos, signs, logo designs, whatever… it all has an imprint to make eyes open.
FB: Yes. Being in the spotlight has more of an impact, because celebrities have more of a platform. And when so many major media outlets are choosing to ignore the issue, or only report half-truths I feel like its our job to spread the word & shine light on the real story. In anyway you can get whole story from people on the ground, on site, even if you have to go there yourself, don’t just take the Governments word for it. Use what you have, do what you can to spread life, love & justice because we are all one nation under the Son.
I think in some ways people view you guys as a voice for the Native American community. What do you feel are the biggest issues facing the Native community today?
LM: I feel like we give city Natives & others who are not in to Native Pride, that option by our style & music. We don’t have rez accents & were not raise in culture, but the fact that we don’t let how we was raise hold us back is noticed & makes some get their heritage a chance.
FB: I think that equality is a big issue, especially in government positions. Our voices aren’t being heard or taken seriously. More issues are drug & alcohol use, poverty, and suicide rates; a lot of which we do speakings on, & we incorporate into our music how we’ve overcome. We like to promote that we don’t drink or smoke anything, and we tell folks all the time, “them lies don’t satisfy, & all that stuff is a dead end road.” And as far as suicide, it doesn’t get rid of the pain, it just gives it to someone else. One quote I use is “Things get better, give yourself a chance to see things get better.”
As far as your music, where do you continue to find inspiration?
LM: Sometimes the beat tells us its feelings & we do our best not to go off subject unlike most rappers.
FB: I find inspiration from GOD’s Word, Life experiences, Native culture, and from the beats that we sing over.
Okay, now for some oddball questions just for fun. What one thing could you not live without?
LM: Music it makes days better if you listen to the right songs.
FB: I really like SoBe (all natural Energy Drink). But seriously…GOD
Who would you say is the most important influence in your lives?
LM: Wow, Take me back then… My uncle John & Mother, along with Gospel Gangstaz, TBone & DC Talk
FB: 1st I’d have to say GOD, 2nd my mom & then my brother Mike because he got me started in this music thing.
Did you make any New Year’s resolutions, and if so what were they?
LM: Just try to Work Out More, write song ideas down more & do more to promote our music online.
FB: Not really, but the most recent things I’ve been working on is “Taming my Tongue” I’ve always been one to say whats on my mind, & give full vent to my anger, but I’m learning to keep calm & be more patient.
Do you have a message for your fans?
LM: We do our best to being living proof that thru it all anyone can stay faithful to GOD, Good Times feel momentary & Bad Times seem to out weigh it all, but trust GOD & do your best not to over worry yourselfz. We Have Your Back In Prayer!
FB: To all of our supporters; Thanks for following us, we plan on visiting a city near you. For Booking call Congo Ent. 405-923-8640 And keep your eyes on us for New Music, Vlogs, TV Appearances & more. **If you need a Party thrown, call MikeBone!**
If you’d like to be a part of all that we do you can donate to our PayPal: paypal.me/mikebonemusic
Make sure to check them out on Facebook, twitter and youtube 🙂 Super awesome performers and people. 

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