Sometimes we just need to find balance in life. Unfortunately the world is not balanced. When there is a lack of balance then chaos is ever present. I find myself lately trying to withdraw from a lot of social media when there is too much chaos in my life. My head already has so much swimming around that I don’t need to add more to it with everyone’s views on politics or whatever random stuff is going on. Normally I wouldn’t mind and even enjoy seeing other people’s points of view but when I have to focus on me and getting my head clear that is what I try to do.

I can isolate myself from the technological world but trying to do that in actual life is a bit more difficult. I am a parent and thus have responsibilities that cannot be ignored, I have a job and that too cannot be ignored. Socializing is something that is a choice and there are some people that I will continue to socialize with even when life seems to be spinning out of control. The reason is either because they help to keep me grounded to some degree or I just simply love them that much that not being around them seems to do more harm than good.

Every person needs a break and that I am certain of. We find ourselves too caught up in the day to day that we no longer know which way is up or what it is that we even need. There seems to be a complete lack of direction and that is a path that I found myself on far too often as of late. I hate to withdraw but at those moments it is better to withdraw than explode or better yet, implode. People have their own ways of coping with things and I suppose lately that this is mine. I have found myself drawing a lot more lately or listening to music. It seems to sooth the savage beast within. Whatever it is that we choose a choice in how we are going to handle something is far better than not choosing and letting things happen as they may. I like to be prepared for things and not leave everything to chance. Just seems like a foolish thing to do. Healthy and creative outlets always seem to work out well for me.

Just as all things that happen this too shall pass and then life will continue to move forward as it always does. Brighter days and clarity are always ahead…we just have to keep moving forward until that becomes the case. Anyway, with all of this rambling…I have said something so I am not totally out in the nothingness. I will keep trying to write and have an outlet for my mental chaos. Take care and keep pushing.


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