So I got to thinking this evening that I’m sure people don’t know me nearly as well as they may assume to so I decided I’m going to let you all into the mind of Liz. Trust me when I say it’s pretty messed up sometimes so I will try and keep it sorted.

I can have a good time doing just about anything…even if that means nothing at all. I require very little in that aspect, just good company and conversation is enough.

I have two major addictions; smoking and coffee. One or both of them will likely be the death of me. Hopefully neither but whatever will be will be.

I know a lot of writers but I don’t do a lot of writing when I probably should. I’ve had a lot of encouragement over the years and I’ve accomplished technically 3 self-published books…none of which are super great or anything, but an accomplishment nonetheless.

I lost my virginity at 13, far too young and for the worst reason ever. The man I lost my virginity to…whom was just a boy at the time died of a drug overdose a couple years back.

I can get along with almost anyone. I am very selective in who I will have in my close circle. The belief that most people can find common ground and build on it is something I truly believe.

I love reading and don’t do enough of that anymore either. I find that I read a lot of news or random things on the Internet but I always read the craigslist missed connections. Sometimes I think about seeking these people out to let them know someone wrote something about them just so they know. I actually did it once because I so happened to know the girl the man wrote about…however I am sad to say I don’t know how it turned out. I think it’s sweet when they arent being pervs.

I’ve never had some random one night stand and im more than ok with that…I just don’t have it in me to randomly sleep with a stranger. It’s fine if you do…just not my thing.

As outspoken and opinionated as I am I find it hard to put my foot down with certain people and situations.

I continue to hold on to the belief that life is short and that we should all strive to make the most of it. Have as many great memories and experiences as possible.

When I hear a song that I like…something that just really intrigues me, I will play it over and over obsessively until I find a new one I like. I can’t say I have a favorite song, movie, food or book because my opinion on what I like at one moment will change the next.

I love romance. Yes I am a hopeless romantic. I may come across as stubborn, strong-willed or even intimidating to some, but nothing will tame my inner beast faster than flowers and being held.

A man that will read to his gal is a keeper. Or even yet one that writes to her. A poem, a story or even just a handwritten letter is a beautiful thing.

If I could only travel to one place in the world I honestly don’t think I could pick. Top three would probably be Peru, Cambodia and France.

I would consider myself a needy person. Even if I don’t say it aloud; I crave affection, time and attention.

Personally, I don’t consider myself super attractive and in many circumstances find myself pointing out ways that I’m not good enough. However, I do know that I am worth far more than what I’ve allowed myself and I need to break that cycle.

I will always prefer a nice relaxing bath over a shower. Partially because I’m lazy and partially because I think I’m a fish or part mermaid and I need to be in or near water to really feel at peace.

I could type many more things but it’s late or super early depending on how you look at it and I should sleep. I hope that maybe this gives people some insight into who I am.


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