Most things change; the seasons, people, places and our perspective. I felt it today…that last bit of rebellious summer season hanging on as the cool air crept in. It will continue to put up a fight for a bit longer but soon it will be gone for a long while. To be honest, I’m a bit sad. After a very rough spring the summer was supposed to be my new awakening of sorts, and though it was enjoyable I didn’t do most of the things that I wanted to. I even bought a new swimsuit that I didn’t even wear. With that being said I did many other things I hadn’t anticipated and it was a welcome change.

I always look forward to this time of year…it’s so nice to go out in a hoodie and comfy clothes, snuggle up and enjoy a cup of coffee with the windows open and fresh air. The frightening thing is the winter. It’s definitely my hardest time of year and I am hoping that somehow it just doesn’t affect me as it usually would. Last winter wasn’t as bad so maybe this one will be better than the last. One can hope.

I’ve been thinking a lot about making a bucket list…or several. Like maybe a short term, near future kind of list that I know all the things on the list are more than doable and then a long term…until some unknown date and time. I would think on my short list I would want to go on a hayride and go see some kind of show; be it musical, comedy, etc. On my long term I want to travel outside of this country and have a huge bookshelf full of books.

Right now most of my books are either e-books or on shelves in my closet. Not properly displayed at all. There are a lot of little goals I have but somehow I manage to lose sight of them on a regular basis…constantly getting sidetracked with a bunch of different little things. Too much on the mind will definitely create chaos. So while I let that simmer for awhile and think about random other things…I encourage people to make their own short term bucket lists. I think it’s good for so many reasons…perhaps so we don’t lose sight of the things we want to accomplish or even to improve relationships; be it romantic or other.


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