It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, and I will get to those reasons another time. This afternoon there was a storm, albeit a fairly short lived one, it left quite a bit of devastation in it’s wake.

As I encountered detour after detour of fallen limbs I saw a number of people on their phones, pointing at broken windshields, damaged houses, etc. Eventually I made my way back to the county where things weren’t nearly as bad…but then I turned onto my street. The street that for six years now I have come to love driving down. The lines of trees now with pieces missing from their foundation were strewn about the streets. Debris was now what I saw as if the world around me was falling apart and I was helpless to stop it.

I realized that this feeling epitomized everything that was going on with me internally. One thing after another and over-analyzing every little word, situation, and movement from everyone around me cluttered my brain with it’s own debris. It was breaking me down into pieces and making me feel weak. Try as I might it was a feeling I just could not shake. I keep wanting a new perspective, something more positive but I’m fighting an uphill battle with myself.

Every time I seem to pick up the pieces something small puts a chink in the already fragile fabric of my complacency, or lack thereof. Until next time, readers…IMG_3086RB

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