All days do not make memories and all memories do not make a day. I noticed that for many months now my swimsuit has hung from the organizer in my shower. Why? I don’t know. This aging polka-dot one piece with it’s 50’s cut and skirted style is the only one I own. There is a small hole along the seam of the skirted piece and I know it needs replacing, but I just can’t seem to get rid of it.

Most times I don’t find myself being so attached to something as simple as an article of clothing, but this one piece is something that holds with it some fond memories. This now torn, nylon material, has traveled with me to multiple states. It has gone with my family on our first vacation, and has seen bright days and dull ones. It has been in the ocean, a river, and many of pools.

I imagine that I will still wear it a bit longer, it will continue to be a familiar ensemble as my children continue to grow. It may even see another day or two at the beach. I will patch the small hole in the seam and it will keep it together a bit longer. The material with still stretch and thin with use. I will love it longer because it fits so well. images (2)

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