Since the Supreme Court Ruling on same-sex marriage, which happened June 26th, 2015, there still continues to be a major debate about how this affects the “sanctity” of marriage. I decided to do a post that highlights some history on marriage and how it has evolved overtime.

In the early times of our world and civilization marriage was very different than what it has grown to be today. Many marriages were not based on love but more of an arrangement that was agreed upon by families. Why did they do this? It could be for any number of reasons; financial gain, property gain, to mend rifts between two families, to make bonds closer between two families, etc. It was essentially a contract. Arranged marriages are still practiced widely throughout the world as they were in ancient times.

In ancient times it was also not uncommon for a marriage to be polygamist. If a man married a woman whom could not conceive or had not provided a son to carry on the man’s lineage he could take on another wife. In some martial relationships there could be a large number of wives to provide him with many sons. If a husband dies before having a child with his wife, his widow can then marry his brother…even if the brother were already married. In this way the bible condones multiple wives. Yet, in today’s society polygamy is illegal.

Also, the bible says that divorce is wrong unless an act of adultery is committed. If a man commits adultery he can take on that woman as another wife to right the wrong.  The idea of marrying for love, as the new normal, is traced back to the 12th century. The purpose of marriage and what it means has certainly evolved over time. So in order to preserve the sanctity of marriage is to understand that we either need to accept that it’s okay to barter with our daughters and use them as currency and gain something personal from it. Also, to accept that our daughters may be a 2nd or 3rd wife to someone, and also to say that we give consent for our daughters to marry and lose their virginity at the age of puberty as it was deemed acceptable marrying age when a girl hit puberty so that she could produce as many children as God would grant her.

The point that I am trying to make here is that all of these concepts were once accepted by people that followed God’s word and these ideas (under Christianity) even as they were still practiced for many many years. Most modern Christians are very much against these notions. I personally don’t agree with marrying my husband’s brother, or having to allow other wives into my relationship, or trying to marry my daughters off when they hit puberty for personal gain. What I believe is that a child should be a child and that means until they reach 18. I believe that they can marry whomever they choose. I believe that if my husband were to die I could remarry if I so choose and whomever I see fit. I believe that divorce doesn’t have to happen because of infidelity. If a husband is abusive I have every right to leave and not have to worry about my immortal soul.

Something huge to ponder here also is the idea that God evolved his ideas and ways of dealing with things between the old testament and the new. If you put into context how many years have passed between the times of Jesus and now and the way that the world, people, and ideas have changed…who is to say that God’s ideals haven’t changed as well. We cannot know.

I understand that many will not stop feeling that this ruling has changed their lives for the worst, that they are being forced to accept something that they do not feel is right, but if people have the right to religious freedom should people also not have the right to marry whom they love and choose? As long as two adults are of consenting age they should be able to choose their life partners, their religion, their careers, etc. I personally do not believe that homosexuality is a choice, but that is my belief. My goal with this post is not to make people accept something that they do not want to…that is their choice, but I wanted to point out how we pick and choose what is acceptable for us and our times and our societies. Some of the most common foods we eat were deemed unacceptable for living a Godly life, and many of the clothing choices of today, and so on and so forth.

I promise you that if you disagree with same-sex marriage that it can’t affect your marriage. Also, I will validate you when I say you have the right to feel however you choose on the subject, as do I. Life will go on. Several countries have legalized same-sex marriage and they seem to be doing just fine. Look on the bright-side, I predict a lot more rainbows in your future 🙂

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