My good friend Joefer Bautista is an amazing photographer. Amazing is hardly the right word for the incredible work that I have seen him produce. From fashion to landscape to portraits he has covered a wide range of subjects. Unfortunately, Joefer suffered a great loss recently, someone stole his equipment, his livelihood, his income, when the thief or thieves broke into his car taking his possessions that provided his income.

Any photographer would know how down right devastating this can be. Especially since 2013 wasn’t the best year for photographers. How do you recover from having thousands upon thousands of equipment stolen when it is the same equipment that pays your bills? Joefer’s sister started a go fund me page to help him get back on his feet. I wanted to share an excerpt from that page to let you know how important Joefer is to so many and how even a few dollars can help:

“If you don’t know our brother – he is an awesome, caring and kind guy who is loyal to his family and friends and is willing to help anyone out when they need it.  Joe has been a freelance photographer for over 5 years.  He is passionate about his work.  He’s an artist who captures moments, tells stories and provides a different perspective on life through the lens of his camera.  He’s worked with notable clients such as Bruno Mars, Andrew Dice Clay and Robert Zapata.  But he’s also helped hundreds of other actors, models, musicians and athletes launch their career.  Whether it was a discount on head shots, marketing advice or a quick referral, Joe did what he could to give the up-and-coming artist a break.  Joe also travels throughout the US and creates images of life and beautiful views of historic locations with a modern twist.  But to us the most important photos my brother takes are the intimate photos of family and friends.  These moments are difficult to capture and the images Joe takes will be the ones that tells our family story to our childrens’ children.”

I hope you will take a moment to check out the go fund me campaign at : http://www.gofundme.com/givetojoe

and his website at: www.atsituab.com

I can fully attest to the fact that Joefer is such a good-hearted person and a hard working individual. Let’s help Joefer to continue to create, help, and inspire others.


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