Hello there, and season’s greetings to you all. I am officially back from my extended hiatus. So many topics to cover, but this one is important to me…

Back in 2010 I bought a PS3. Growing up video games were such a fun part of my life, but as life tends to do it put active gaming on the back burner and I felt a bit left behind. Games had certainly become more challenging since my days of the PS one and the original X-Box. I struggled to find games that I could play because my attention span after four children is not what it once was. As I navigated the menu of the system I had originally purchased for my husband I discovered Playstation Home. What is this? I thought to myself.

I created an avatar, jumped in and didn’t look back. I spent countless dollars and met so many people. Socializing was never more exciting in my busy life. I could log in anytime of the day or not and interact with my new friends. We could go bowling, play bingo in the casino, go to the beach. Ahhh it was love. Due to some difficulties my PS3 was no more for about a year. So imagine my excitement when it was finally replaced and I could recover my PS Home activity. Unfortunately, after spending more money, the joy was short lived. Playstation Home was closing down. WHAT? I was going to be Home-less? Millions of users many still unaware as I spread the word. I felt utterly betrayed by Sony. How could they do this? It wasn’t the money that struck me to my core it was the loss of that connection.

I started speaking to random users about their thoughts on the situation and the verdict was the same. I even stumbled upon a group called Operation Save PS Home on Facebook. Of course I joined in the movement but the more I read on the subject the more I realized it was going to come to an end, regardless of anyone’s opinions on the subject. I had to come to terms with it and I realize why Sony is making the decision to pull out of their “Greatest failure.” The message boards were mixed with support for Sony saying that PS Home died years ago and the others that screamed out to be heard. People who had social anxiety disorder that turned to home for comfort, disabled individuals needing an outlet, overworked and over-stressed parents with too little free time that relied on home for something outside of the norm, and of course the people that had nothing better to do than to troll around home creating havoc.

I caught wind of a possibility that Neotopia was the way of the Playstation Home future. There was a spark of hope. However, their fundraising failed and again I was lost. I kept digging, hoping to see a possibility and I found Atom Republic’s Atom Universe. I watched their YouTube demo and I was really impressed by what I had seen. I went to their message boards and was completely impressed that not only were they listening to the people and what they wanted for the future, but they were actually responding. That alone started the support I had in this new endeavor and the great respect I had for this company. It’s not often that you see someone do that. The people gave their opinions, myself included on their YouTube demo and I received a response. Ok, this is something I want to support. I realized that I had to spread the word and I did. I took to home all my new found knowledge and started to talk to people about the way of the future…Atom Universe.

Most people were relieved to see that someone had not forgotten about those of us who love the virtual life. Some were not too happy that they had to buy a new, very expensive system to have access to it. Hey, I get it…I boycotted Sony after the announcement that home was closing. However, I support Atom Republic! I will put any ill thoughts aside for Sony to help see Atom Republic build a new universe with new possibilities. A company that listens to the people and what they want. I don’t know that Sony listened to much of what people wanted and even I can admit in many ways home left something to be desired. When two player interactions came out I wasn’t around and I wish I had been. That is something I wanted from the beginning. You could get “virtually married” in Home, but you couldn’t give your friends a hug?

Recently I watched the latest edition of PS Talent and they did an interview about Atom Universe. I saw that they had a twitter account and I certainly jumped on there. I wanted to continue to show them that I was on board and I left a few comments. How honored I was to be followed by Atom Republic and have more of my comments answered. Those of you that are seriously upset over the cost of the PS4, I again, completely understand. However, think about all the hundreds if not thousands you spent in Home. You would probably continue to spend it if they weren’t closing. Think of it as investing in the future of virtual gaming. The biggest question and concern I’ve heard from the people is, “What is to stop Atom Republic for doing the same thing Sony did to us?” Look…life is all about the possibilities and the unknowns. We had a lot of good years in Home, for which I am grateful. We can live with the ideas of, “What if’s,” and never take chances or we can enjoy the time we have with one another, discover a new world, and new possibilities! Check out Atom Universe!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AtomRepublic

Twitter: @AtomRepublic

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbBmpcPHdvM

Forums: Atomuniverse.net


2 thoughts on “Life After Home?

  1. Nicely done! We are so glad you are excited about our new game – Atom Universe! We are working really hard to make a game that everyone will enjoy.

    Atom Universe will be a lot like PS Home, but we hope it will be even better. We have many plans and hope everyone will check out the forums at http://www.atomuniverse.net so they can see our progress, and add their ideas and suggestions!

    I can answer one question you mentioned; “What is to stop Atom Republic doing the same thing to us Sony did?” This was answered along with many other good questions, in the FAQ section (http://s15.zetaboards.com/Atom_Universe/topic/7834220/1/#new) of the AU forums.

    As for Atom Universe and its longevity, it will last beyond the lifetime of the PS4: we will not be tied to the PS4 lifecycle, and will exist on different platforms: that’s because we use a multi-platform engine called Unreal Engine 4. The plan is to release Atom Universe on PC in our second year of activity. Put your mind at ease: we are here to stay, and have long-term plans!

    • Thank you, and I will continue to encourage people to keep an open mind when moving forward. Change is hard when you feel so strongly for something. It’s like breaking up with a person you completely love but have completely outgrown. Hard…but necessary and not impossible.

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