digital-self-publishingSo I posted yesterday about my new book, ‘Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self,’ and so far so good. Unfortunately, I was confused as to why several names weren’t in my dedication and some errors that I was certain I had fixed. I realized that I had uploaded the incorrect file. I’m not going to take it down, but I just want to publicly apologize for those of you who were left out; Kristina, Brian, Dodie, and Elgon. (Elgon Williams is an awesome writer by the way). I really had intended for these people to be as much a part of this as they had been an inspiration and source of encouragement. I’m an idiot.

That issue aside I am proud to say that I am #7 on the Kindle Short Read Humor/Comedy list, which is AWESOME. I was going to pull the book and fix it but have decided that it would be a hassle and I don’t know how that would effect things so I have decided against it for that reason. However, I do want to thank everyone for their support and buying my book…if you have of course. It means a lot to me. I certainly hope that it is the first of many to come in the future. I promise I will be more careful next time.

Here is the thing I learned about self-publishing…although I did my whole book in a day, it is only 40 pages. I have a new admiration for those who self publish. Most do every bit of the work completely on their own, as I did, and that is a challenge. You format, write, edit, and do your cover design. It’s a very hands on process that is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. I just want to say that people should support self-published and indie authors more. It’s an amazing thing that they do from marketing to everything else that is involved.

Thanks again, much love. Elizabeth


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Publishing

  1. I don’t feel left out. I’m one of the Indies you mention. That’s good enough. Anyway, I read the book today and posted a review. There are some editing things, as you point out here. But overall I enjoyed your insights and perspectives. You think you lived through a lot of changes. I stayed up late to watch the first lunar landing and the next day I watched Neil Armstrong step down from the LEM onto the surface. You may not hear this from any official source, but for about the first five minutes or so when Neil was still descending the ladder the camera, which i was mounted onto a tray that he caused to be flipped out from the LEM’s body was generating an ghostly B&W image that was actually upside down. The image was so bad that it took those minutes for them to figure out it was upside-down. LOL Oh and maybe the part about no one in our families being superheroes has a lot to do with phone booths and pay phones in general disappearing. I remember when Pong was the coolest video game around because, well, it was the only one around. And well before that gasoline was less than 13 cents a gallon in the summertime because the filling stations were having a gas war driving the prices down from the usual 17 cents a gallon. People actually used to pull into the station and an attendant came out to check the tires, the oil and clean the windshield while putting in the gas. And you would usually tell him to put in a ‘dollar’s worth’ because that was over five gallons. $5 would fill up the average car and you’d get back a dollar in change!

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