Things_I_Wish_I_Coul_Cover_for_KindleThe time has come where I can share some great news with you all. I recently released a short, non-fiction, humorous book called, Things I Wish I Could Have Told My Younger Self. It is available on Kindle for $0.99, and for $5.69 as a paperback at Amazon.

When I posted about my 100 post-iversary, I wrote that I had done a book of blogs about seven years ago. I found this book and read through it. It was the worst piece of crap I had ever thrown together. Instead of re-releasing a 7 year anniversary version, I began thinking…What the hell was going on in my mind when I did this. I was like 24 when I did that project and I realized just how different life was now compared to then. Suddenly, this new book project was born. I was inspired to reflect on some of those moments that made me say, “HUH?”

So Please go, buy my book. Enjoy it and laugh at my stupidity. In the meantime here is an excerpt from the chapter: PLAYING WITH DOLLS DOES NOT PREPARE YOU FOR MOTHERHOOD

Another major difference in dolls versus real children, they don’t grow up. Real children grow up. They talk back, they eat you out of house and home, they cost you a ton of money, and sometimes you just want to strangle them. Mostly you love them and you cherish their milestones but occasionally you do want to tape them to a chair. That would be child abuse, DO NOT TAPE YOUR CHILDREN TO CHAIRS. If you want to tape baby dolls to chairs, be my guest. I am fairly certain that there isn’t like a Cabbage Patch CPS.

In Paperback




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