100_01It will soon be my happy 100th post-iversary. Okay, so post-iversary isn’t a word…I made it up. It’s a big deal to me though. Why? Well because I have watched my blog grow and grow over the course of however long I’ve been at this here on WordPress. I still do not have nearly the number of subscribers that I had back in my Myspace days of blogging. Though I am sure many of those blogs were far more substantial…though I barely remember it was so long ago. My writing has changed and evolved as I have changed and evolved personally. 

Once long ago I did blog on Myspace and had quite the following. Blogs were more popular back then I think. At some point I was asked to write for Pointless Banter, though it seems it is no longer in existence…which is strange because it was once voted a top blog site on CNN. I did write for them briefly and the reason why I stopped may be a topic for another time. There was some great talent there and I was honored to be a part of it initially. One of their writers self published a book, which name escapes me now that was kind of popular there for awhile…not because he was a brilliant novelist, because he wasn’t, he wrote a great blog but that didn’t translate well into books. However, he made his money and then fell off the face of the planet. 

Another blogger that I loved and admired as one of the most captivating writer’s I had ever had the pleasure of knowing also stopped. She was a journalist turned obit writer, then mother, who subsequently fell out of the writing world when blogs began their decline into oblivion. 2007 was our year though, and I took in my naive 25 year old state of mind also tried to capitalize on the blogger agenda and self-published a book of blogs on Blurb. I think I sold all of two copies. It was a great embarrassment but looking back I am glad that I did it. Would you believe that I actually do not own a copy anymore? I think I should buy it again. It’s expensive and that was one of those downfalls of self-publishing at the time. It wasn’t affordable. My goal is to see if I can upload this ancient book and turn it into an affordable ebook of some sort and re-release it as an anniversary edition. It still probably wont sell, but hey…It’s worth a shot. So that is on my to do list. 

I have gone through a couple of hosts for my blog and have done interviews with various people. I have interviewed Steve Ewing of The Urge, John Pertzborn of Fox 2 news, Margaret Dilloway author of How to Be an American Housewife (Putnum), Les Brandt (actor), and many other awesome people throughout the years. Once upon a time I had an agent for a children’s picture book that I had written years ago that never sold which lead to my firing of that agent…and still unpublished. Also, a tentative book deal with Daw that I never met the deadline for and gave up. Writing has taken to only so far and that has taught me that I still had so much to learn and needed to grow. I’m not done yet, but I have enjoyed writing anything that people enjoyed or made them feel or think. I enjoy interviewing new authors and spreading the word. I just enjoy writing…even when it is lackluster at times. 

However, the point of all of this is that I want to do the big 100 in a different way. I want to post a blog not of some random stuff, but I want to hear from readers, I want to know any particular blog you enjoyed, or what you have gained from reading it. I want to share in your triumphs as writers…so leave some comments and I will post some stuff on the 100th post. 

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