lucy2I went to see Lucy tonight with Clayton. I will say that it seemed a bit different to me from the previews and in a way shocked me. Not that it was bad, just different I guess than what I had expected overall. The movie itself was awesome because it makes you think and I love anything that makes me think.
There is one line where Morgan Freeman is giving a lecture on his hypothesis of what would happen if we were to access the other areas of our brain that are currently locked to us. When talking about evolution he said something about humans caring more about having things than having knowledge.
I think that is a pretty accurate assessment of human evolution. Look at the wars we fight, wall street, etc. It all goes back to greed and power. Some human beings have evolved enough that we want more knowledge, understanding, and peace whereas others only see their own selfish bottom line. Perhaps throughout history that is exactly why we have stunted our own evolutionary growth, because we cannot handle the power we have, so how could we handle more of it?
Morgan Freeman voices that concern to Lucy saying that the knowledge she has holds too much power and he doesn’t believe that the world is ready for it. She however says in response that it is ignorance and not knowledge. Either may be the case but it certainly has some merit as to what we should think about and focus on to work toward a better world in general.
Clayton seemed to find comfort in the statement that we never REALLY die. But in some form or another I guess most people believe this. Either in some after-life, heaven, or reincarnation. It is certainly a movie that is interesting in many respects and if you really pay attention can walk away with a higher sense of self and want of knowledge. However, you may get distracted by the sometimes cheesy CGI effects as well. That little issue aside I would say that overall I would give the movie a four out of five stars, because much like the movie-HER, also with the voice of Scarlet, it really gets into your head.
I personally am of the belief that we truly die when we stop striving to learn and better ourselves. I fully believe that knowledge is power…but not a kind to yield against one another. Instead it should be used for the betterment of ourselves and our environment. Happy watching!


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