imagesSo I am writing a “fiction” about Mothers and Daughters…most of which is true to life about my mother, my grandmother, and myself. Right now I am in the process of writing my mother’s story about her upbringing and what not. I figured that I would do a little research, though I know so much of it and the names in my “fiction” have been changed, but I wanted to tell you some true to life facts.
My mother comes from a long line of writers, though she never did much herself. She has written a some poems and stuff that she never did anything with. However, my grandmother, Joyce McCord and her sister Sharon Higgins, and their brother Damon Black found their own bit of fame throughout the years writing country music songs for various artists. Damon wrote many songs for Bill Monroe and Porter Wagoner. Joyce wrote for Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton and created a hit with Always, Always.
Sharon’s career would be the most lucritive of the three with several hits and a long standing career writing for; Loretta Lynn, Norma Jean, Jeannie Pruett, and Wynonna Judd to name a few. She co-wrote many other songs into the 2000’s eventually turning to gospel music. I will say that out of my mother, grandmother, aunt…even myself that life was a long hard road with some really great moments. Even if for some they don’t seem so great.
I wanted to write this story many times and I have tried many times. Careful to tiptoe around certain truths…but that is the great thing about fiction, most fiction is based on some truth and you won’t know exactly what is and what isn’t true. I think that it is important to share the stories and there is a bit of history in there that would long be forgotten by most if I didn’t add it in.
Though my great aunt Sharon had moved to White House, TN and I had only gotten to meet her one time and my great aunt Maggie’s my mother corresponded with her often throughout the years leading up to her death. Some of the truth in the story comes straight from her. I also wanted to capture the essence of the times in which these stories transpire. Bonne Terre, Mo and how it changed throughout the years, Saint Louis and how it transformed, and how the lives of these people transformed as well.
Time frames aren’t accurate for sure because I don’t know in what years everything happened but as sad as I am to write some of the things, and as hard as some of those memories will be to relive for my mother and myself, I feel that it is imperative to tell. Regardless of the downfalls and hardships a part of time will be documented to some degree of accuracy and it is something that I definitely want my children to know about. I also stumbled upon my great aunt Sharon’s wikipedia page and listened to the songs written and composed during their lifetime. History and especially a family history is important, good, bad, and ugly.


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