PicEdit2This is just an update on what is going on lately. First off, my mother is doing well and is two weeks not smoking. Good job, mom! My not smoking has not been going as well but baby steps. I am no longer smoking in my apartment, so if I want to smoke I go out on the balcony to fight heat and wasps that swarm around my space. It has helped me to cut back but I am still hoping to just quit completely.
In other news, I have been asked to be a script supervisor for David Malone’s second film; The Dark Days. I officially started on the project and was on set last week. I will say that so far it is going well and I do enjoy it. However, I do still have a million other things to do and accomplish. I have been working on my own photography and doing some photo art, and I still have my own writing to keep up with.
I may have to end my run with TMU just because I can barely keep up with my own blog and I do not want to hinder their progress. The blog is great and they have some really fantastic writers. So I suggest you check it out. BTW, Felicia, you are awesome and you are going to do great things.
The charity book project is still a go…just slow going and hopefully in the next year I will be traveling a bit more for leisure not for work. I definitely need some new landscapes to photograph. Saint Louis can be beautiful but there are only so many things to capture here. Now that I have gotten that all out of the way, I just want to say that I will try and keep up more. XOXO

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