no-smokingWhen my mother went to the hospital for a heart attack and was told that she has Congestive Heart Failure and Emphysema I knew that she had to quit smoking. It is a life or death situation at this point and I wondered why I am still doing it. The addiction is strong and it is a horrible habit but I think I am really ready to quit (again) for good. I set my smoke free date as Monday, the 7th of July…my youngest son’s birthday. I wanted it to be a date I could remember so that I can reward myself in some way and remember how long ago it was that I gave up this crutch.
Smoking has become a security blanket for me as it had my mother all those many years ago. A part of it was because I grew up in a family where most people smoked, and in the 80’s so many people smoked it was ridiculous. It was normal then to smoke even in public businesses such as banks, hospitals, etc. Hell…I have a picture of my mother in the hospital when she was pregnant with me and if you look closely there sits a pack of Kool menthols and a lighter on the table next to her. My mom is three days in without a cigarette and so far so good. I figure that my health needs to be a priority for myself and my family, too.
I can sit and make more excuses or I can confront this addiction head on and do some research for support. It will be hard and I imagine that I will go out of my mind in the week to come, but it is important to let it go. If you are considering quitting there are a lot of valuable resources online and feel free to email me and I will definitely try and encourage it, because I know I too will need the encouragement. Wish me luck, I will update my progress after I get over the three day hurdle.


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