There were a couple of different blog topics that I had in mind but today was so royally fucked up that I figured I would just vent about that.
First thing on the “my day was shit list” was that the husband got up today with some major tooth pain. Not having dental insurance sucks, so I called the health care clinic to see what we could do about getting him in today. They gave me a list of things to gather and when we got there and started his registration we apparently didn’t have exactly what they needed, which caused us to have to leave and gather one more document and return. We did that but the clinic closed registration for lunch until 12:30 pm so we waited around and didn’t finish registration until after 1 pm. However, before that my husband points out that money we expected to have was so far less than what we had planned for that financially this month we just ended up in a huge hole. So anyway at that point they tell us it may take over two hours for him to be seen so I left and intended on going to the grocery store with a friend. However, that didn’t work out and as we were grabbing a quick bite to eat (as I hadn’t eaten anything yet) and I get a call that my mother was taken to the hospital in an ambulance because she had a heart attack but nobody knew exactly what was going on and had to have a series of tests run. I am in breakdown/panic mode at this point. I end up going home to just let the kids know what is going on and to make sure the teenager is doing his job with keeping things running smoothly while I am away. Again I am breaking down and freaking the kids out. The husband texts and says that they did his x-rays and they will be with him shortly. As I had expected with our late registration they couldn’t do anything for him today except call him in a prescription for antibiotics and pain pills. I go and pick him up and fill him in on what is going on with my mom. At this point I am so emotionally exhausted I don’t know which way is up so I come home and talk to my step-dad. He says that he doesn’t know yet what is going on but he will update me when he knows something. I take a nap, needing for it all to just fade away for awhile. When I wake up I call the hospital and talk to my mother…she is alright. They believe it is just stress cardiomyopathy, or as mom called it “broken heart syndrome.” This condition is usually a one time occurrence and should heal within the next couple of weeks. Best case scenario that is all it is. I go up there and see her, and of course make jokes about how I was tempted to pour cheerios on her like the little girl in the commercial and tell her it’s heart healthy. I have calmed down considerably but some things are still up in the air and I’m still on the defensive…tomorrow is a new day.

3 thoughts on “The Craziness Which Was My Day

  1. Hey hun I hope ur mom is doing okay. And I will keep her in my prayers. Just stay strong and all will be good and remember I’m here if u need to talk or vent

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