WM70The audacity of your rhapsody pushing forth your angst upon me. I am blameless while you remain nameless in a situation you created. You drown in your sorrows but I have no pity to allow you to borrow. You say, “I’m lonely,” and “the world owes me,” but your own responsibility you do not see. It is imperative that you take your share of it and change things to the way you want them to be. Don’t step on or make a mockery of the extension that people have thrown to you. If you want a new life you have to get over the strife and work for what you feel is due. No more pouting and shouting your way into existence, it’s too late for you to keep up this resistance. I don’t hate you, I thank you for showing your true face. I will move forward and persevere without you while you just stand in that same place.


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