YSBHPerhaps you have heard of World Ventures or seen their marketing ads of people that post pictures of themselves holding blue signs with the words, “You should be here,” on them. I know I have. I actually do have a friend on Facebook whom is a childhood friend that tried to rope me into going to a World Ventures “party” with him. Of course I declined the offer, but as any normal person I wondered how he managed to travel and what the signs were all about.

Apparently there has been a lot of buzz about this company and so that got me interested in finding out more, but I wasn’t even sure what that “company” was, as those little blue signs do not seem to say the name of their benefactor (so to speak). Like many other bloggers who have been plagued with questions and solicitations I did some digging on my own. I have read many reviews, blogs, and especially comments from people who feel as though they were scammed. So let me share some of this information with my readers…

World Ventures is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) type of business…most people prefer to call it a pyramid scheme. The top people make all the money and very little of that money trickles down too far on the pyramid to the little guy. Essentially someone is recruited by someone else, and then they are to recruit more people and unless you recruit and maintain at least four travel consultants you are paying World Ventures a $61.00 a month membership fee. That is not including the over $300.00 it costs to join. Supposedly some of this cost will go as a credit for your future travel but from what I have seen it really only applies to the most expensive of travel destinations in Asia.

Even the BBB has something to say about this company as far as ratings and it says it is a C- which is less than reputable. Now I will say that it seems that World Ventures has refunded most complaints it took several days to weeks to do so. I couldn’t imagine paying so much money on something that I was unsure about. Many promises are made about the success you will have in the company but it seems that most people find out that it is near impossible to achieve those goals. I don’t know many people that have almost $400.00 to blow on potential travel and then an additional cost per month on something that isn’t guaranteed. The two page contracts seem really sketchy to me as well.

Although I have read numerous complaints about this company, here is my biggest pet-peeve…I am all for supporting businesses, mostly small local companies, indie authors and musicians, artists and the like, but when a friend or a supposed friend is trying to rope you into these things it isn’t really to benefit you, but to benefit them. It isn’t just W.V. it is a whole lot of companies floating around out there, but I would urge you that before you get roped into anything you do your research extensively. I have found several blogs that can help with your decision making if you are even tempted to partner up with World Ventures and I will post them below, including a picture of a Facebook exchange between a W.V. member and World Ventures themselves not wanting to release some information about a lawsuit they are involved in.










10 thoughts on “You Should Be Here?

  1. So so funny reading that! The bank accounts of so so so many members are also laughing!! You people… just because you don’t have what it takes to be in a creative, exciting business… just because you don’t understand MLM, just because you have no intention to check properly an information (who’s World Ventures, what is the opinion of Ernst&Young about it – EY being one of the 4 largest audit companies in the world; after 3 years of audit… see what was their assessment).

    Now excuse me if I rather believe a British company, one of the biggest 4 audit companies in the world.. than you. Excuse me if I check the reason why Rovia has so many Magellan Awards. What is your credibility, not trying even once the product… to have an opinion about it… and not believe those professional guys, giving so many awards? I also checked the company… and the product is amazing. They didn’t invent the MLM system, of course, but they put it in the travel industry… and that was a very smart move! That’s it!

    While we are enjoying our life… having fun and traveling … I hope you will never join our club… because is too cool for people like you!:) Sorry! 🙂

    • I wanted to approve this comment for one very particular reason…because I have noticed that anyone involved in World Ventures is immature and abrasive. I have done my research, but regardless. It seems that people such as yourself cannot just accept that we all do not feel the same way you do and so you attack with things like, “I hope you will never join our club because it is too cool for people like you…” WTF? Ok this isn’t about being cool this is about the reality of whether or not this is a smart investment and for many people screwed by this company the consensus is no. Some people find success with it, just like in other pyramid type schemes, Mary Kay (which actually as an amazing product btw)…but the reality of the situation is that for most people that try to sell the product they do not greatly benefit and most of the profit and benefits go to the very top people that step on all these little guys that they recruit. That I feel is wrong and there should be a way to make sure that what the people at the bottom get as far as incentives and pay is somewhat comparable to those in the upper ranks. If that were the case I would be more willing to embrace that company. So please, say what you want but when you attack people for their opinions you make your company and the people involved look even worse and makes each one of us more likely to never want to come anywhere close to it. So good job proving my point in this. 🙂

  2. I have to say that I seriously doubt the opinion of someone whom themselves never even went to a meeting. This is like listening to a movie critic so you decide NOT to watch the movie… and then go around and regurgitate the opinion of the movie critic. This is definitely an example of not thinking for yourself. And is not the kind of person I would listen too. No first hand knowledge or experience. As with any opportunity, you get out of it what YOU put into it and if you put zero into it… you are going to get zero out of it. I am really sorry you listened to the failures and used them as your yard stick. A failure can not tell you how to be successful…

    • Again…the attacking nature of the people who fall into this is amusing to me…that further proves I want no affiliation with this company or anyone involved in it.

      • I never attacked you Miss. I simply pointed out that someone who admitted they had never been to the meeting, only listened to what others said…. others who had failed… and was spreading their message, was not a creditable source or someone qualified to offer an expert opinion. I stand by that because in the business world, this is a standard. Why are you so sensitive and angry?

      • It is attacking when you try to use a manipulative statement for your cause. I did research…extensive research. There are people that tried to put their all in to it. I’ve talked to several people since. I’ve worked with a company similar not once but twice. I’ve seen enough of how these operations work that it isn’t something worth getting involved for…for myself. I have a friend who climbed his way in the ranks of this company who has stopped being a friend to everyone he knows and simply just pushes his sales tactics on everyone. If people want to get involved it is there choice as this is my blog and I have every right to post what I’ve gathered of information…Just as people involved have the right to give their information to people. There are two sides to everything and of course for those who do well it’s great but for those who try and don’t and are badgered and made to feel they aren’t worthy and have a bad experience should have a voice too.

      • I never had much success with Amway, Herbal Life, Prepaid Legal, … just some of the old timers… In the end… “if it is to be, it is up to me” was the truest statement. I didn’t blame the company or the product… it was me not being thrilled with the vehicle I had chosen. Perhaps the cases you use to prove your argument it is the same. The people didn’t stick with it, weren’t thrilled… didn’t really believe in the vehicle or in themselves. If you want to quit, then quit but the fault is with the quitter and not the company.

      • Now see, I appreciate this comment it comes across much better, and perhaps that is true. I know there are two sides to a story but for some these businesses just don’t work no matter how hard you try. I know I had that problem with Mary Kay and I love their product, I still believe in it…very much a people person and nothing I did worked. So what happened? The people above me started pressuring me and being just downright rude because I couldn’t recruit more people, or I didn’t get enough sales…which affected their bottom line and eventually I was in the outs of their social circle and I worked my ass off to be as successful as they were. Recruited someone and she didn’t work hard at it, gave up quickly but I still tried. But when I found myself pressuring my friend I realized it was a vicious cycle that I didn’t want to be involved with. People involved in World Ventures have shared similar stories. They go from encouraging to pressuring to making you feel like an outcast. I’m sure that isn’t everyone involved but there is enough of it that I question if it’s worth it…and that was really my point is that people understand what some other people’s experiences have been so that if they do move forward they can make informed decisions because there are a ton of negative reviews against them…does that mean everyone is unhappy? No…my friend Mike seems very content with his experience. For some it works for others not so much but there is much more money being invested here upfront than Mary Kay and that is concerning.

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