WM13You know, I hear often, questions about my writing…When am I going to finish something. Apparently, the masses are awaiting some great piece of literature amazement and yet I continue to fall short. I think my biggest issue is that of procrastination. I actually did try to write last night and I think that even when I shut the world out and turned the music on my brain was in overdrive. This is frequently the case. I can definitely blame the issues of my crazy gray matter or the issue of things like the Sims. Remember when I wrote a few months back about the movie, “Her?” I talked about this disconnect between humans and the connection of their electronics. I can say with certainty that I have fallen victim of having too many distractions and in part, electronic devices…namely my phone. It is far too easy to hear that annoying buzz of your phone when a new message comes through or having access to freecell while trying to do something far more important.

So I wonder what others do to block out the noise and focus. I think that if I scheduled writing time that I wouldn’t get very far because I don’t know that I can commit to it. Will I be one of those people that die with dreams unfulfilled because I couldn’t let the procrastination out and the inspiration in? Well, I did write a few more paragraphs, but is that really an accomplishment? Eventually, I suppose I will get back into the swing of things. It just seems that I can easily say that writers block is weighing heavily on me, which I am sure that to some degree that it is, but that doesn’t really hold up as an excuse I suppose. If I just stuck to some sort of consistently or routine I could figure it out, I’m almost certain. So…what do you all do when you need inspiration and how do you stay focused with all the stuff going on around you? Please share, because I could certainly use a hand right now. Thanks πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Hey, I’m glad you asked this question and I’m glad that I’m not the only one who feels like his brain can be a center for bumper cars sometimes. Whenever I feel like I’ve tried to absorb too many headlines and too much information, I think it’s helpful to get outside and take a walk or just sit inside and do a puzzle. Even just lying down and listening to music can soothe throbbing headaches. We scroll, we swipe, we browse, we search…we spend so much time on Facebook and Twitter and other stuff like that, that we lose touch with what centers us. Like a stillness. Or as Louis CK once put it, “our ability to just sit there.” You’re not alone.

  2. I initially came by to say thank you for reading haiku 14. Interestingly enough the questionnaire asking is what I’ve seen several times today while reading at different sites. As I thought about the problem I realize I have been seeing it backwards. I was trying to schedule my life around regular blog posts when in fact I should’ve been doing the opposite. It’s easy to begin thinking that anything less than regular blog posts will lose you your audience. Actually, I have more difficulty with writers who publish 5 or more posts a day, feeling bad that I don’t want to read them all. As a poet I Need to go out and experience life as, I suspect,.do others in order to stay relevant and fresh. As a reader, if I like what I read, having to wait just makes the post more exciting when it comes out.
    Be well


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