tumblr_mrbs02ivFi1rfwfq9o1_500I know I haven’t had a lot of new writing material lately, and for my subscribers that may or may not be a bad thing. Let me just say that I have busy with the kids out of school for the summer, my new photography business, and writing a Young Adult Novel (details on this later), and the charity book project that I still have to work on and put together. Life does indeed get busy and I still have to get some pictures edited for a client.

However, I went to see Divergent in the movie theater and a preview for TFIOS came on. I had never heard of the book to my knowledge, but the preview certainly got my attention. I teared up a little just at the preview and I decided that I must seek out information about this movie. That is how I was led to the book and subsequently read it. This particular story has an almost cult following now and the fans are not just the young adult crowd that it was intended for. I think that everyone of practically any age can appreciate this star-crossed lover romantic drama. Wow, that was a mouthful.

Our protagonist is Hazel Grace Lancaster, and while she has cancer, her current treatments are keeping it from progressing…so the hope is that she lives a pretty long life. However, due to the fact that Hazel does not get out much and doesn’t have many friends to speak of, her mother decides that she is depressed and essentially forces her to go to a support group. Though Hazel doesn’t like support group she goes because as she says,

“The only thing worse than biting it from cancer, is a kid biting it from cancer.” 

Hazel seems to want to make it as easy on her parents as possible. I wont reveal everything here, obviously…and I am pretty sure many of you have read this book. It has been on the New York Times bestseller list for so many weeks now it is ridiculous…ridiculously awesome for John Green. Anyway, back to the story….Hazel meets Augustus Waters, a very attractive and charming young man, despite his arrogance at times. Their romance isn’t exactly a romance for Hazel as she keeps her distance from fear of dying and leaving Gus without her. The rest I can’t really tell you in case you haven’t read this very deep and emotional fiction. I will say that it is dynamic.

The movie was awesome, yes they left out some details and parts to the approximately 175 page novel, but they captured the most important details. If you hadn’t noticed Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgor were in another teen thriller; Divergent together. They have great onscreen chemistry, but the eww factor is that in Divergent he played her brother…only slightly creepy. Luckily I couldn’t place him until after I had seen the movie. I think that together they made the feelings between Hazel and Augustus real, and something we could feel. They left out the history of Augustus’ previous girlfriend who had died from cancer, and I feel that was a good move. That relationship he had with the previous girl left too many lingering questions in my head…I won’t post them because I do not want anyone going, “Yeah…what about…”

One part that I would have liked to see in the movie is Hazel’s friend from before she got really sick. They go to the mall and during her time there, a little girl asks Hazel about her oxygen. That was a moment in the book that I really liked, but I understand why it probably didn’t seem important for the film. I just think that had they shown that Hazel did at least have some other interactions with people outside of Augustus and occasionally Isaac (Gus’s best friend), and her parents it would have been slightly better. I feel that Hazel’s past is important as she is our focal character.

The visuals were nice and I felt that the story really did translate well though at parts the movie seemed a bit on the slow side or a bit too quick. I forgive them for that because I cried…and I laughed…and I felt what I felt in the book. It kept the laugh out loud moments while maintaining the very realistic hurt and pain from losing someone. If you haven’t heard of this book or movie, which I find completely unlikely (though possible because I have talked to a few that had no clue about it) I would suggest reading the book and then go see the movie or in reverse. I normally say that if you read the book then watch the movie, it will probably piss you off from all the characters and details that they cut, but I think that isn’t the case here. They did an expert job of deciding on who and what to cut out and the movie flowed well.


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