draft_lens17822549module149420520photo_1302264381Happy-Mothers-Day-Clip-ArIt has been a long great while since I have posted anything. I apologize. I recently started my own photography company and for that reason I have been torn away from writing anything, so today I will be double blogging. Today is Mother’s Day and I know that as a Mother it is a very important day. No less important than Father’s Day, mind you, but important nonetheless. When I became a mother it was something that irrevocably changed my life. Living became much more than my own selfish needs and transferred into the needs of my child…and now children. I have sacrificed so much of myself and I couldn’t find a better reason to do so. Yes, life is sometimes hard and I have calculated that I have been pregnant a total of 40 months…that is a very long time. Today is the day that people should honor their mothers and the hard work, stress, tears, time, and effort we have put in for our children. I do not think that we spend enough time reflecting on the struggles of our parents and the sacrifices they made to bring us into the world, and subsequently kept us alive. That is quite the task.

Being a mom doesn’t stop when the kids grow up, we are always there for them until our life is no longer. We continue to love, nurture, and support our children throughout their lives. Sometimes the decision to be a parent seems as though it is thrust upon us, but regardless it is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. We are doctors, nurses, counselors, friends, disciplinarians, teachers, photographers, party planners, and everything in between. So please, do not forget to tell all those special moms in your life how much you appreciate them, because they really are deserving! Much Love.


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