Some author friends, fellow writers, and I have come up with the idea of doing a multi-author book project. This is an open call for submissions in the categories of poetry and short stories. The purpose of this book is to sell for donations, all proceeds are going to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

I have personal ties to this hospital as well as Rose Montague, who is also contributing. I can speak from personal experience that when my first son was born he had some issues. His vocal cords weren’t working and he had so much swelling that he couldn’t breathe on his own. He spent two weeks in the NICU there and the work that they do is amazing.

The Saint Louis Children’s Hospital gets children flown in from all over the country with various different illnesses including cancer. They care they provide them is top notch and the hospital is simply a great environment to make them comfortable and feel cared for. They work with the Make a Wish Foundation to make dreams come true for many of the children that are suffering through intense cancer treatments. The people contributing so far have agreed on them as a charity and I would love to do this again in the future for another charity. Let’s make a difference through our writing and help to provide hope to others.

2 thoughts on “Writing For a Purpose-Please Read!

  1. We also took our son to this hospital for some surgery and spent over a week with him there. What a loving, caring, and talented group of professionals that work wonders for kids. I am happy to contribute to this effort.

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