IMG_3519077847782Yes, it is true that Les Brandt is an actor. Perhaps you have never heard his name, and perhaps you have. But how much do you know about Mr. Brandt? Okay, aside from the fact that he is obviously very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Well I spoke with Les and I wanted to talk about several things, and one of the things that I find amazing about this man is the fact that he is a vegetarian. Les said, “My first round of living without dead animal flesh was for 10 years and then after that… a girlfriend at the time was a meat eater and then I picked up it again for 7 years.  I only started back to my diet of NO MEAT for the past 2 years.  My reason now for no flesh is that I TRULY believe you are what you consume. If you eat meat that “is” DEAD ENERGY…you too are now living off of that energy.  If you eat JUNK FOOD…you more than likely, you too will look “junky” and FEEL junky. In this day and age…there are too many AMAZING meatless alternatives to the slaughtering of innocent animals for mere nourishment. These food alternatives are SO GOOD you would NEVER believe that it is meatless.  I am blessed to live in Los Angeles where the vegetarian and vegan options are plentiful.  My favorites in LA are BULAN on Melrose Ave and Vegan Glory on Beverly Blvd both in LA.  I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago and the options were not as much…I was very surprised, too.  NY is the LEADER of ALL things North American…more vegetarian companies should open up there.  CASH BOOM!!”

Les has obviously worked very hard to obtain his hard body physic. I had asked him about this and what advice he had for people as far as getting into shape. He is a bit of an expert on the subject and has been featured in Men’s Health Magazine more than once. His response was, “I’ve been working out/training since June 1987.  In that time, I train at least 3 days a week, every week, every month, and have every year for 26 years.  My advice for people to get in shape is simple…find/have a powerful reason for you to pursue optimum health i.e. 1. To be there for your children’s future 2.To fully engage in an active lifestyle with significant other 3. To not have to worry about hospital/insurance situations etc. The reason can be whatever the MOTIVATOR is for you, but the key is to have that VISUALIZATION or IMAGE of why/what the motivation for you in your mind’s eye the entire time, ONLY!!!  It works for me…and that type of focus and concentration yields not only an anaerobic AND aerobic workout but also a meditative/yogic process as well…you will walk out of the gym with a renewed physical, mental and spiritual feeling for sure.”

It is obvious to me that after getting to know him more that he is extremely caring, especially when it comes to his love for animals, which is amazing. He had recently taken in a stray cat that had found his way to his window sill. The kitty’s owner of six years simply didn’t want the feline anymore and out he went. What a blessing that he ended up a Mr. Brandt’s house where he was kept until a permanent home was found. Les had very important things to say about his love and involvement of animals, I spend a lot of time with my cats; Jupiter, Shupeli, Manchie and Mercury…I also do foster/rescue for dogs and cats in my Los Angeles area. All of the animal rescue organization in town are TOP NOTCH but the two that I work/worked the most with are Downtown Dog Rescue (http://www.downtowndogrescue.org) with Lori Weiss and Dawg Squad with Carole Pierson (http://www.dawgsquad.org). These two women are AMAZING and have the KINDEST HEARTS…selfless and GIVING!!  They have my deepest love and respect and they need all the support they can get. So please, if possible, anything you can do to help them out would be greatly appreciated.”   

On top of just being a fantastic human being, Les is a very spiritual and a Virgo. I was interested to see if he followed his horoscope so I asked him. “Yes, very much so.  There are many understandings/Dharma/Philosophies etc. available for us as tools to evolve from… a pupil of Taoism, Numerology, Nature and Astrology I am. Its a focus that I always try to be dialed into…as it’s what strengthens me on a SOULULAR level. Soulular is a word that emerged from my heart one day as I was at a loss for “conventional words.” I was in a deep conversation talking about the above philosophies with a highly spirtual friend of mine, Ary Katz.”

I don’t know about you, but personally I am always curious to know what actors/actresses favorite movies are. Is it something that they have been in or something from childhood? I asked Les what his all-time favorite movie was. His response shocked me a bit as it was completely unexpected. “I have two; The Ten Commandments and The Grapes of Wrath.  The Ten Commandments because I really love Charleton Heston’s work as an actor being this biblical superman…and Yule Brenner was simply powerful.  The story is magical and inspiring and I watch it about 4 or 5 times a year, too. {With the Grapes of Wrath} I am all too familiar with life as depicted by John Steinbeck’s story of Wrath…growing up in Texas in the 60’s, 7 children…low money, difficulty around every corner…reminds me of how me and my brothers and sisters managed to WILL our way to the tops of our lives now.” Les revealed.

Mr. Brandt has a love for inspiring quotes, which is something wonderful. I know that I personally love to read something inspiring to give me a new perspective on life every day. It helps to guide us and remind us that there is beauty in not just physical things but in words as well. Being a writer I hold this especially true. Here is a quote that Les is particularly fond of, “I read a quote about 20 years ago…”ONE with all beings and possibilities, I am moved to serve others knowing that in the one…they are none other than myself.” It is something that struck me instantly and continuously since. The idea of, do unto others as you would have them do unto you; or hurt me, your hurt yourself, but the way it is written goes somewhat to another level in my opinion….”all beings, possibilities” and how “serving others” it all leads back to each and every one of us….IF we apply our lives like that on a daily basis.  I certainly wake up every morning with this on my mind and wonderful things happen, daily.  I wanted to share it and hope others try it and magic happens to them, too.

I had certainly learned a lot about who Mr. Brandt was as a person and I wanted to make sure that people got to know him as well. I think that a lot of people have some preconceived notions of people in the industry as being somewhat less than human at times because of the media’s portrayal of “new Hollywood.” However, I did not want to forget that Les was certainly an actor and his resume was pretty extensive. I thought that this interview was not only a great way to see him as a down to earth human, not much different from the rest of us, but to also see him as the actor.

However, I had to know what he struggles with most as an actor in this business. He replied, “I think it is a challenge that too many people have these days…making ENOUGH money, consistently, but the upside to that is that I’ve learned how to be careful with what I am blessed to earn…which blossoms GRATITUDE.  This business is almost like a weekly lottery game…sometimes you can have a deep six figure a year income and then the next could be a $6.00 year!!  So…you never really know.  It’s also a great thing that I’m a minimalist. The way I see it is, as long as I am healthy, my animals are healthy, and I have the best representation behind me that is pushing me in the industry for me to continue with my passion…LIFE is GREAT.

I wanted to know what projects Les is currently working on. “I am currently working on Days of Our Lives on NBC.  Please tune in beginning, January 9th  2014, when Ricardo {played by Les Brandt} creates more mayhem with Stefano Demira. I fully enjoy working on this show as the cast is veteran…tried and tested; Joseph Mascola, Kristian Alfonso, Charles Shaughnessy, and Shawn Christian. The list goes on.” Also, Les Brandt just finished his favorite movie role project, Andre Foster. I asked him about it and he had some insight into the story that led to it being his favorite. “Andre Foster was a Middleweight Champion of the World but his career is marred by his final act as a champion, shamed…he has to swallow his pride and take a good hard look at himself and his life. The movie is about how we have to be honest with ourselves throughout every phase of our lives. Sometimes the person we were isn’t the person we have come to be. Sometimes who we think we are and who we really are doesn’t add up. 
We do the best we can with what we know.  Sometimes that’s not good enough.  We are left with two options – continuing down a self-destructive path or taking a good, honest look at one’s self and making the difficult choice to change.

He also talked about some of his other recent projects. “NINJA APOCALYPSE is a story set 200 years in the future. It takes place after, “The Great War on Earth”…survivors move underground to live. Fighters develop into clans in hopes for supremacy and ultimately; me, my brother, and our clan clash with the most evil of all that has survived.  
THE NIGHT GUARDIAN is a Super Hero movie, kind of a BIG FISH type of narrative, and I play super villain, Carter Black, who has threatened to rob all power from NYC and have the people follow me in my quest for ultimate domination.”

As any smart business man, Les also has his own business…a clothing line. This was something that I had recently learned about him…Les stated, “I also have a clothing line, Brandt Skinz that I have owned and designed for the past 11 years. My best friend and investor, Blaine Canchola was killed in a motorcycle accident a few days after our promo video was made in Santa Barbara, CA. The video is now dedicated in his memory. I miss my friend very much and so many do.” You can view his promo video and many other links to Les Brandt at the bottom of the page. My deepest sympathies go out to him for the loss of Blaine Canchola.

You can find more information about Les Brandt below:



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Last picture is photo credit to Alex Linares

Previous two are from set of Ninja Apocalypse

10 thoughts on “Actor Interview: Les Brandt…The Soulular Experience

  1. Elizabeth!!! Wow, what a really awesome write up you finished!! I love it. I sure hope you had the BEST birthday and New Year Holidays that make ’14 THE best year you can ever remember!! You are super special and I can’t wait to do another story with you again soon…LOVE LOVE LOVE…

    • Thank you, Les. I couldn’t have done it without you and I definitely look forward to working with you again! Thank you for the well wishes. I hope we both have the best year to date.

    • I mean I am personally a meat eater, but I would love to at least make more vegetarian meals just because it is healthier. I think that Les is really an inspiring person.

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