CredentialsOK, you have written a book, got it published, and it has released.  The easy party is over.  Now comes the icky part and it is what I am inspired to write about today.  That dreaded word, the one to be avoided at all costs, a somewhat scary word but a big part of your job, SALES.  Yuk.  I mean, it is a good book.  I would love to tell you that you can just sit back and watch that book sell itself, but that is not reality.  Unless you have a big group of fans eagerly awaiting your book, it is just not going to happen.  You are going to have to sell, you are going to have to do some promoting and marketing of your book, and you are going to have to communicate to friends, family, and yes, strangers.  
The chances that somebody will just stumble upon your book and say by golly I want this book and I am going to buy it are pretty slim.  You are going to have to do some shameless self-promotion.  After all, the best way to sell something is to sell yourself first, then the benefits of your product.  Don’t be afraid and don’t let it stop you.  You should be proud of your book.  You have poured your heart and soul into that thing.  You know it’s good and you know people are going to love your book if they would just fork out a few dollars and read it.
My advice is to have fun with it.  Engage your friends and family and the fans that you have made.  Encourage them to help you with your task.  Odds are, they want you to to win and they want people to buy your book as well.  Don’t let an occasional naysayer get you down.  Look, if they don’t want you to promote your book they are not pulling for you.  No worries.  Move past it and move on.  Some of the nicest things that have happened to me in this regard are when a person buys a book because a friend recommended it.  And when that person suggests to their friends that they also buy it because they loved your book, that is even better.  Be strong.  Do not give up.
Rose Montague is the author of Jade
Available at the following links….

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