One Man to Love, One Man to Live- Cover Design amendedWho is Chris Brown? No, not the Chris Brown that beat up Rhianna and has been in and out of the tabloids. This Chris Brown is the author of One Man to Love, One Man to Live. He turned a hobby of writing into his debut novel and it may not be what you would expect. Mr. Brown may not seem the type to write a chick-lit, but he certainly has. In his early 40’s, tattooed, and heavy-metal music love wrote a story to speak to the heart and minds of women in something unexpected. The blurb from Amazon UK is as follows:

“Crystal was a woman who had everything. A career, money and a boyfriend with a body that put most other men to shame. But even when life bestows upon you all you could want, monotony lurks in the shadows. A series of events lead to an unlikely friendship that blurs the boundaries of infatuation which manifests itself into a relationship leading to the inevitable love triangle. Tinged with erotic desire for one man’s brain can Crystal stay faithful to her boyfriend’s body?”

After suffering a stroke last year and being hospitalized for a week, Chris Brown had a new lease on life and was determined to publish a book. There is a planned follow-up to the novel as well. A father and husband, Mr. Brown is now a published author to join in the ranks of many. You can check out his novel here:



One thought on “Interesting Author Debut for One Man to Love, One Man to Live by Chris Brown

  1. Thank you Elizabeth. Means a lot when people take you seriously as an author, especially when you go against what is expected of both myself and as a writer of women’s literature.


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