81d3gjcF20LSo now that I am back from my last trek I can actually catch up on some work. I had promised Rose that I would write a review as soon as I was able to finish the book. Being on the road with my schedule it was a task, but not because the book wasn’t good. It was good and I would like to tell you about it.

When I first began to read Jade I realized right off that this was not a book that I typically read. Not that I have anything against fantasy books and the supernatural, it’s just not my typical genre. However, I was hooked by page one. It irritated me that I didn’t finish it sooner because each time I flipped a page I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

The plot twists were phenomenal and it was never predictable. If anything it was the exact opposite and so far from the norm that even when I thought I had things figured out I had discovered soon after that I hadn’t. I want to tell you about the book without giving too much away. Jade, the main character of this thrilling adventure is a mixture of fairy, witch, vampire, and shifter. She can change into whichever one is needed at that time and for the task at hand. It is definitely an advantage. When we comes to work for the police to solve some crimes being committed oddly within the supernatural community that had previously lived in peace and harmony it is thought that she may be making some huge mistakes. Her abilities make her a certain asset in helping to solve these crimes.

She meets some awesome people throughout the book, characters that I definitely fell in love with. You has her ties within the various supe communities and that helps with the investigation. Immediately we see an attachment toward her partner Rolfe, but does she get the guy? Well that is something that you have to read for yourself. The team that is created is a strong force and they risk their lives and that of their community to ban together to stop the murders and such taking place.

I will tell you that as much as I want to say about this book, I just can’t because it will reveal too much. It is a tremendous adventure that just keeps you wanting more. Always expect the unexpected with this particular read and watch as it unfolds. I can’t say enough good things about the book and I just wanted to share with you the experience I had while reading it. I would say that Rose Montague has a very successful writing career in her future if she continues with books like this. Book 2 in the series is being written at the moment and I cannot wait for it to be released. It would certainly make for a good movie if done correctly.

I would urge you all to read it. Here are some links so that you can check it out. The kindle price is a steal at around $5.00.


check it out!


3 thoughts on “Book Review of Jade By Rose Montague

  1. It’s a good sign when a book compels the reader to turn the next page… and the next. It’s a great book that not only inspires the reader to want to read more but also entice others to enjoy the book. It’s like inviting friends to come to at party at your house.

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