halloween2_cs4I am in Portage, Indiana…nothing new to see here. I’ve been to Indiana like four times in my life. I will say that the days are flying by and even though I only have three days at home coming up, my next run ends on December 15th or 16th. I will then be at home for some weeks. I will tell you that I can’t wait because it will be a great experience to just relax and enjoy the family. Although, at least this time around I get to go to warmer places.

This of course is just an update blog, I just wanted to say, “Hello,” and make sure that you knew I was A-ok. I have some things coming up as far as interviews an reviews and such, but those will most likely have to wait until my three day break. I just don’t have the time to do it all at the moment, and I am sick. So while I am thinking about it, I wrote a little Christmas poem that I will share with you all, I hope that you enjoy it.

Christmas Eve

Let me tell you a tale, It happened on Christmas Eve. If it hadn’t happened to me, it would be hard to believe. I tucked in the children an headed downstairs, outside a thunderous laughter could be heard through the air. I put on my boots and grabbed my coat, but there on the mantle sat a note. “I came bearing gifts, but not all were asleep, Santa can’t come if he hears even one peep.” So I rushed up to bed, and turned out the light. I drifted off to slumber for the rest of the night. When I woke up in the morning there were presents abound, the children were delighted at the size of he mound. Upon the mantle I found a second note, Santa said this, and this I do quote, “Sorry the gifts were a bit late, rules are rules. I am sure you can relate. I wish you all Christmas cheer, happy tidings, and many blessings this year.”

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