1466128_575089782545597_1849787869_nSo if you haven’t seen my posts on my Facebook page, it’s super cold in Fargo, North Dakota. The land is really flat so you can see seemingly forever because of it. Tonight we definitely rocked it out after a really crazy and busy shoot. We were double booked, but Cody, Joefer, and I made it work. The school owner said that he will definitely request us back next year because of how smoothly things ran as compared to last year. Arriving to Fargo was an experience. We stopped in some city in Minnesota to get some food and we saw the snow blowing around the street. It has snowed off and on since we arrived, but nothing has stuck, so that is a good thing. If I do come back on this same run next year I will be prepared, I’m brining a snowsuit 🙂

A few things that I think are worth mentioning are that Ryan Ferguson is finally free. It is so far past due and there are many other wrongly convicted individuals that are trapped behind bars with no way out, yet. I am hoping that with the release of Ryan that we can make some headway with the other innocent people who are waiting for their chances at freedom. Hopefully, I will be able to interview Ryan in the future so that I can spread the word on his freedom and the end of his conviction. When I was still doing the old blog, a journalistic approach, I did a story on the wrongly convicted, focusing on Rodney Lincoln. These stories amaze me, not just for the fact that without hard evidence that these men were convicted, but also the fact that it has taken so much time and effort to try and get their cases appealed and overturned.

I know that I have had a few bad days as of late, and you could probably tell by the depressing tone of my blogs, but I can say that things are starting to slowly turn around. A good friend, whom shall remain nameless is helping me out big time to save me a lot of money and trouble, and for that I am super thankful. I am off of training pay and so with this busy schedule and packed shoots, my paychecks are going to be awesome. I’m really looking forward to the new year and making sure that everything turns around. Not all is peaches and cream, but things are starting to look up and much brighter.

Still, I can’t wait to get home. I have really enjoyed a lot of this run and the company, but there is no place like home. Somehow I still have to figure out how I am going to buy my Thanksgiving dinner while I am on the road so that I am able to make a lovely meal for my family. I don’t come home until the 27th of November, so undoubtedly there will be a lot of over the phone coordinating that must be done.

Today was exhausting so I am definitely looking forward to sleep, but I did want to touch base, and to let you all know that I am still here. Freezing, but very much alive. Also, again, subscribe to my Facebook blog page to stay updated. I need 7 more followers until the first giveaway. Soon I will be doing a book review of both Jamie Baywood’s book, Getting Rooted in New Zealand, as well as Rose Montague’s book, Jade. Also, with any luck I will get an interview with Ryan Ferguson, and I have an interview at some point in the near future with an amazing musician. I hope that I can bring some new experiences, sounds, and stories to you.

I have not heard back from the publisher about my children’s book, but I am hoping that I will hear something in the very near future.


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