Alright so yesterday was something of a rant, and I apologize. When I tend to feel anything negative I need to rant about it before I can feel at peace with situations. That’s just how I work. Now that is out of the way, let me tell you that I have exciting news! I started a facebook page for my blog.  You may be asking, why? So let me tell you, I feel that blogging is great, but I just don’t know how to share all of my small thoughts, pictures, and the such with my blog when I am on the road.

I created a place to be able to share my pictures with all of you, keep you updated on new posts from my blog as well as the blog where I contribute; TMU (Thoughtful Minds Unite). It gives me a way of getting information to you more readily when I can’t get to a computer or have iffy wi-fi access. Also, it’s just an easier way to contact me. I definitely want to continue to grow my readership, but if you are anything like me, well then you follow many blogs and so therefore some just get lost in the shuffle. Not to mention, I really want to start holding contests and things. At 50 likes I am going to select someone to receive a postcard from, yours truly from wherever I am in the United States at that time. 100 likes I am going to randomly select someone for a 20 dollar gift card, 500 likes will receive a random collection of souvenirs from my travels along with a handwritten letter, and at 1,000…well I don’t know yet, but it will be BIG! So get to liking and sharing the facebook page. If you haven’t followed my blog and you just don’t want to subscribe, that is alright, too..but follow the facebook page.

There are big changes coming in the near future to this blog. I am planning on really big things. Of course, if and when this children’s book gets published I will send a couple of subscribers a signed copy for their little ones. The future is bright my friends. Very bright. Now, enough of that ramble, on to another topic.

I am leaving again very early in the morning. I have a few things on the agenda today. I want to let you all know that I did receive a copy of Jamie Baywood’s book, Getting Rooted in New Zealand, and so far it is a great read. I am taking it on the road with me and it will be a well traveled book. I am going to take pictures of the book in various states to share with Jamie.

As soon as Rose Montague’s book is released and I am able to read it, I will be posting in length reviews of both books. Also, she is having a virtual launch party on facebook, so look her up and join in the fun. It is on November 16, 2013. As for my own, well I am still waiting as patiently as can be for this children’s book to be accepted or rejected by the publisher. Of course any novels are on hold as I am really busy right now. Writing will resume as soon as I get some winter time off, as per schedule allows. Keep reading, keep subscribing, keep joining, and keep involved. It will pay off big time in the future. Tomorrow I leave for Des Moine, Iowa. Also, if I am in your area, let me know. If my schedule allows let’s say, hello. I would love to meet some of my subscribers.




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