1383154638416I enjoyed my visits to New York and Washington D.C. I didn’t get to see the White House or the Lincoln Memorial because we were just too damn tired of walking. Yesterday we were back in New York, Hyde Park to be exact and that photoshoot ticked me off. Let me tell you why…first off it was super short. Most of their signups had cancelled so we were done by noon, and the owner and his staff had decided to leave us there alone while they went to a tournament.

That is fine and all but they said to call when we were done and we did. After several calls and messages we reached the owner at 1:04 pm to say to stay there til he got there in an hour so he could finish up. *Note I am venting here. So anywho, he shows up at like 2:20 and we finish up his order and paperwork.

Joefer asked me while I was fuming outside waiting for the school owner if I wanted to come home for a couple of days before we have to go to Iowa. Of course I said I did. I had probably been a bit snappy when talking to him prior, not that he had done anything, but because I didn’t sign up to be a dojo babysitter. I don’t want that kind of responsibility for someone else’s business. That isn’t my job and we should never be put in that position. At least one staff member should have been there. It’s just a huge liability.

The school owner only partially took responsibility saying, “Well, usually you guys stay here until 5 o’clock for walk-ins.” Okay, well his last sign up was at 11:30 a.m. and he should have known this number one and two, well regardless of that fact we have a schedule and he knew before hand that we had to drive to Iowa, as that was the original plan to get to Des Moines and meet up with the trainee so he could go on the last stretch of the run with us.

Things changed and at the tune of coming home I felt more calm. My husband texted me, however, to clarify the money in the bank and I was shocked when $150.00 was not there that should have been. Of course something that I thought had been deducted already wasn’t, so that was a major financial set back so yet again this month is going to be stress filled with, how do we pay these bills? I keep telling myself that we just have to keep pushing forward until February and things will be A-Ok….but it’s the “in the meantime,” that worries me.

My worries subsided as I drove through the beautiful autumn laden mountains of Pennsylvania. I began thinking that all I wanted to do was get home and see my family. As per my usual nature, yes I was glad to see them but couldn’t help but to notice the vast disarray that my home was in. Bathroom was filthy, kids’ rooms were not clean, floors not mopped, and a buildup of scalp psoriasis of my three year old’s scalp.

Needless to say I was pretty upset by 11:00 A.M. Exhausted from being in a car for 15+ hours to get home in a straight shot (minus a couple of breaks to get gas and use the restroom). I know that I just need to rest for right now, and then tomorrow perhaps I can blog of happier things.

4 thoughts on “Finally, I Can Blog!

  1. That’s the kind of post I can appreciate but somehow I just can’t hit the like button when somebody’s unhappy.
    But I do hear you. It seems like just yesterday I was reading about how you miraculously got this job as a photographer. I hope house and home and work things pull together for you and you end up feeling happy again soon.

  2. Sometimes we attempt to do too much because of our in-built drive to ‘make the most’ of an opportunity. NY and Washington will still be there for you to visit again. Don’t be so hard on yourself. SD

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