1377446_10201834927652398_1651089101_nGreetings boys and girls. I know it’s been a few days at least since my last post. I told you that I would be busy on the road. That is the unfortunate part of traveling. As I stated before there isn’t much downtime. However, I am now in Nyack, NY waiting to check into the hotel room, so I figured that I had a few minutes to spare.

So West Virginia was pretty. Later I will try to post pictures, and again you can follow me on Instagram: AceFem24. The first city that we were in was Morgantown, WV and it was like a town in the mountains. It was an interesting experience. It was a cute little town near a small river that ran through it. I walked down to the river our second day there to snap a few pictures with my cellphone. It was just strange to see all the hills and mountains from the hotel. The only real complaint that I’ve had is that it has been terribly cold. I do not like the cold…I’m sure you all know that by now, but man it has been chilly here.

The martial arts academy that we went to last night had no working heat, and that was not very fun. I can only imagine what it is going to be like once we get to North Dakota. I am seriously hoping that at least a couple of those shoots cancel, not only because ND is cold but for the fact that we are working like 8-9 days straight. I need some downtime, damnit. Any days off that I have are usually drive time days. Well, last night we had decided to leave West Virginia and drive to New York, so that we didn’t have to spend our entire off day driving to check in late at night (if we could find a room and within our hotel budget, because that in itself was a chore) and then have to try to sleep and work the following day.

I like the set up that we have, but we will have another joining us the second half of the run. This can be both an asset and an inconvenience. I am hoping more of a help to us than a hinderance overall. We don’t usually get a break on these photoshoots so to have another person can help us to take a few minutes in between to just regroup. It helps a lot when you are working for 7-10 hours. The speed of the shoots is never predictable because the decision making process on the parent’s end is sometimes a daunting task. I always go into it hoping that it will be a good day and smooth shoot. Most times it is and there is only generally one or two parents that take forever.

Okay at this point I am now babbling because my thoughts are traveling 90 mph and I am on little sleep. The sleep I did get in the van last night when I wasn’t the one driving/navigating was not very comfortable and I was freezing so that didn’t help at all. I hope everyone is doing well. I will check in again soon.


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