1383236842395Here is a quick blog before I hit the road…So I found out today that Joe and I are going to Washington D.C. since we will be in the area and have a couple days off at that time. Why this is exciting, one word; SMITHSONIAN. I have always dreamed of going to this museum, way before Night at the Museum came out. I’m a nerd, I know. A dream freaking come true!

Of course the rest of D.C. will be worth the visit just for the monuments and such, but nothing tops the Smithsonian. I really can’t wait to take a bunch of pics to share on my instagram and my blog. I’m more excited than a kid on Christmas morning. When I was 14 I had mapped out this road trip I wanted to take and the Smithsonian was on that list. Alone with a few other places like New Orleans, and New York. Okay so I’m 2 for three…not too shabby.

Perhaps one day I will make it to New Orleans, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry. šŸ˜‰ Though I am not thrilled about North Dakota, It’s worth it just to be able to see all these places that I want to see. I’m still nervous about the subway in New York, but I can’t wait to experience it all and to see Grand Central Station.

Also, I am hoping that while I am out on the road that I will get good news from the publisher that I submitted my story to. I am very proud of it and that would just really make this the best experience ever. I let a pal of mine, who is a published author read it, and she said that she loved it. That means a lot to me. I believe that God was behind this stroke of awesomeness that has happened as of late. It kind of makes all of the bad stuff going on a little easier to deal with. The few other people that I have let read it were really happy with it, too. I currently do not have time to work on novels, but children’s picture books will have to do in the meantime.

Now, I need to stop procrastinating and get to finishing up packing and getting ready. It’s a long drive to West Virginia. I hope to update you all soon…at least when I get to see or do something exciting…or if I just have something to say. šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Super Excited!!!

  1. congradulations !!!!!! i know how u feel. there are some childhood dreams of mine that i wish would come true. see havind becca and landon was one. going to disney world in florida was two. but there are still more that i wish would come true. but again congradulations!!!!!!

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