IMG_20130925_081632I was in Bentonville, Arkansas when I found myself missing a step on the sidewalk. It was just outside of the Hyatt Place when I went out to smoke. My left leg turned to the side and my body toppled down on top of it. My ankle has been messed up since, but slowly improving. At the time it hurt so badly and was so swollen that my only option for some adequate pain reliever was to hit the hotel bar and have myself an Appletini.

I had met several people at that bar, most of which were there for business, as was I. There was a man named Denny that I spoke to for a long while who was the head of the IT department for Microsoft. Denny was obviously pretty well off and in a normal situation I might be slightly intimidated by this. However, it turned out that we had much more in common than I had originally perceived.

The second night at the bar I had done the same. It had been a long photo-shoot and I was ready for another Appletini to relax me and prepare me for sleep. John was behind the bar again and had finally convinced me that I needed some ice for my ankle. I propped it up on a nearby chair and between the green liquor and the freezing ice against my ankle I began to feel better. Haydan joined me this time. She had come down just after I had spoken to a man from Guatemala who was there to sell a new beer to the Walmart headquarters.

At some point two gentleman walked in. One older, one younger. The older man’s name was also John and the younger, his son, was Justin. John was the owner and inventor of the new Mistic E-Cigarette sold through several retailers, but Walmart being the biggest of their clients. I had joked that smoking would certainly kill me, and motioned toward my ankle. We had a good laugh and he insisted that we try his product. I will tell you that it was quite convincing as an e-cigarette goes. We started talking about how he came to develop this product and how he was originally from Saint Louis. Eventually, he had asked for my information so that he could send me a case of his product. I had agreed to write a review on my other blog.

I checked my email consistently waiting to hear from someone in his office, and finally the other day I received an email. Now I just await the package to arrive. I wonder if I will actually quit smoking finally. It is a horrible habit for sure. I can say for certain that I have met some really awesome people during my travels and the connections are awesome. The only way to secure future opportunities are through the people you meet. There is always something that we can provide one another; friendship, job opportunities, business opportunities, etc.

3 thoughts on “Business, Travel, and the Sprained Ankle

  1. Did John tell you how he screwed his business partners and got the Mistic brand in an illegal transaction and then screwed the rep firm who got him in Wal-Mart? Be careful what you believe, it’s all about the spin.

    • Oh no worries, John seemed shady under the niceties…but I knew I wouldn’t see him again, so it didn’t matter much. But feel free to share your story, perhaps I can blog about it.

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