I didn’t know Heather, but I sat with Haydan hearing about how wonderful she was. I saw the sparkle in her eyes when she smiled, and I knew that she was loved and would be greatly missed. Far away from home in South Bend, Indiana, she received the news that Heather was gone. A tragic car accident and a young, vibrant, life gone from the world too soon. My heart went out to her. I recalled countless phone calls such as that and I was lucky enough to be near friends and family during.

Instead Haydan only had me, a poor substitute for a friend. I hadn’t known her long and yet I was here to share in this tragedy with her. I too cried, for her, for Heather, for all the people I had lost in my life. Knowing that hurt and sting all too well. Try as I did to comfort her I knew the only real solution was to get her home as soon as possible. When Haydan had told me that she was supposed to had gone to that concert with Heather that night, if she had been home to do so, I selfishly thought, “God, I’m so glad she didn’t.” It’s been a pleasure to know Haydan, and I know that if Heather was her friend then that young woman was phenomenal.

I want everyone to send prayers and positive thoughts to Haydan, Heather’s friends and family, and to the other young woman who was in the car that night. She is in the hospital last I heard…they all need your support, if even in spirit. I also want to say to Haydan, It will get better. It will be a long journey for you but Heather will walk that journey beside you always. Don’t ever forget that. Physically you may be separated, but your spirits are forever tied to one another and she will be there with you.

The night we returned from South Bend, Haydan and I saw a shooting star. I knew it was for her and I remembered the story, Twinkling Stars that I had written loosely about Crystal White, a young girl I used to babysit and that was close to our family. We lost her to a rough battle with leukemia. If there was ever a sign that our loved ones are still with us, just look to the skies. Haydan, never stop reaching for the stars…never give up. I can tell that you were a great friend to Heather, and I know that she knew it as well.

I have so much to say, but I figured this topic was most important at the moment and I wanted to share it. Also, I wanted to share this information from The Bakersfield Californian: “In lieu of flowers, the family would like donations to be made to this fund in care of Boone County National Bank, 1009 Smiley Lane, Columbia, Missouri 65202. A memorial service will be planned for a later date in Bakersfield, California. Online condolences can be left at http://www.parkerfuneralservice.com http://www.bakersfield.com/obits



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