picSearching for my tabernacle under dark skies emblazoned by stars, bobbing upon murky waters reflecting the milky way. Indecision and misdirection guiding the dimly lit path, i carry on. Still searching, heart no help in matters of way. Where is my tabernacle, i cry, but nobody hears me. Missing and longing unfulfilled by indulgences of today. A sorrow not quite swallowed that tastes of salt water or foreign oceans. The mist of evaporated tears and unspoken prayers. Press forward, i think, until the dawn appears upon the horizon. The shimmering light appearing in time to find a new tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “My Tabernacle

  1. Good morning Elizabeth (well, for me anyway),

    Thanks for sending me the link – I really enjoyed it.

    I love moments of doubt and difficulty which end in hope, which you’ve portrayed brilliantly. “Unfulfilled by indulgences of today” is a massive stand-out for me because it resonates so.

    I don’t see either tabs or categories – do you use them when you post?

    Have a good night.

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