883889_10200579807315174_2064387249_oThere are a few things that I would like to address, firstly…you ladies are waiting for this really steamy short story. However, something happened in the process. This short story is turning into something not so short and pretty amazing. I am amazed because I have never tried this genre of writing. So here is the plan. Bare with me here, I am going to finish writing this as an extended short story and sell it as an e-book. However, it will be super affordable and I will post an excerpt as soon as it is done. It shouldn’t take me long as it is flowing quite well. Don’t expect a 50 shades of grey novel, but it will be something worth reading, I assure you.

Secondly, I learned that to be a good blogger, you have to be a good blog reader. I however, have been neglectful to my fellow bloggers. I have several followers and I’ve only read a few of their blogs. So I have to do better in that department.

And lastly…I am again on the search to find employment. If only I could write for a living and do nothing else. That would be a dream, but I am not at that point yet in my life. I have a ways to go before I can accomplish such a feat. I have a lot going on and I will try to do better to manage my time. I certainly hope that my readers will stick with me while I go through this transitional period. Thanks again for the support. Also, if you haven’t read my past blogs, please do. Also, enter the contest to win a copy of Jamie Baywood’s Getting Rooted in New Zealand.

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