Star-field-3Alright readers…here it is, the interview with newly published author, Rose Montague. I am very excited to introduce you to her and I hope that you will remember her name and support her.

ME: Rose, first let me congratulate you on your success. It takes a lot of work and effort to publish a book. Can you tell me what your book is called, and what it is about?

RM: My book is called Jade. It is intended to be a fun read with a little mystery, a lot of action, a little romance, and a lot of surprises. Jade is a mixture of supernatural creatures. How she got that way is part of the mystery.


ME: Have you always wanted to be a writer? Who were your influences?

RM: I always wanted to be a writer starting about the time I became an avid reader at about 8 years old. I was into what my mother was reading at age 10. I actually submitted a few short stories to some science fiction magazines when I was in my early teens without any success. On the SciFi side, I would say Heinlein was the earliest influence, I got interested in fantasy starting with Mary Stewart’s The Crystal Cave, and I enjoyed the mix of both in writers like Roger Zelazny. Lately it’s people like Faith Hunter, Ilona Andrews, and Darynda Jones. These are the authors I like to read and of course I would love to write as well as any of these authors. I enjoy a little mystery in my books as well, I think the Southern Vampire series is a good example. A lot of people don’t even notice it in her books.  


ME: Is there a speculated publish date, and if so, when should we expect your novel to be available to the public?

RM: The book will hopefully be out before Christmas. The publisher has sent it to a cover artist and the editing process has just begun. They are planning on one print and 5 digital editions.


ME: Aside from writing, what are some other interests or hobbies that you have?

RM: One of my other dreams was to learn to play the violin and I started taking lessons about 8 months ago. Between work and my writing I am making slow but steady progress.


ME: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

RM: Strange (but nice).


ME: If your book were to be made into a film, do you have any actors in mind to play the characters?

RM: Milla. [Jovovich]


ME: As a writer myself, I feel that nothing compares to an old fashioned book that you can hold in your hands, do you have an opinion on the way technology has changed our views on reading?

RM: Having worked in both a library and a bookstore I can say that the change has been increasing lately with all the technology available now. The problem as I see it is the distraction such a device gives. There are too many other things you can do with most of this technology that tempt you away from reading and into playing games or chatting with friends. If you want some peace and a few relaxing moments, just a regular book is the best choice.


ME: Do you find that the publishing process is easier than expected, or harder?

RM: The actual submission process is time consuming and somewhat silly, in my opinion. Some want the first three chapters some want the whole manuscript, some want a certain font and style, others want it as attachment while some will not even read an attachment. Bio’s summaries, blurbs, synopsis, etc and so on endlessly with constant variations. Some are OK with e-mail queries, some written snail mail only, some are OK either way.


ME: Stephen King’s first novel was rejected over 20 times before he heard a yes, how many times was your manuscript rejected, and did you learn anything from those rejections?

RM: I had 8 rejections, some from agents and some from publishers. I tweaked the book a little bit more each time and sent it somewhere else. I can’t tell you how I felt when I got the message that my book had been accepted for publication.


ME: Last but not least, do you have a website where people can find more information on your book and yourself?

RM: Right now I am active on Facebook only, I have received a lot of advice on other social media lately and I do plan on starting a website as soon as I have my cover done and a good idea of a release date. Google+, LinkedIn, twitter, pininterest, and tumblr are some of the other suggestions I have had. LOL. I still have a real job as well.


ME: I really do appreciate your time in answering these questions. I look forward to reading your new novel, as I am sure many others are as well. I will be sure to review it as soon as I can.

RM: Thanks for having me do an interview Elizabeth. I will send you the first digital ARC that I have for your review.


So there you have it folks, I will update you with any news on Ms. Montague’s new book, Jade, as information becomes available. I will do a book review ASAP, and I certainly hope that you all pick up a copy and support her. Rose, again, thank you. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say that we wish you continued success in the future and a great career. 


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