poetry (1)aking moments of blinding sunlight overshadowing the darkness that precedes it, I wonder what the day will hold.Beauty and wonder or the deception of a new beginning. Time not healing the stresses from the day to day. To my amazement it’s beyond my comprehension of prediction of consequence. Never knowing what is around that eternal bend.

Forever, the concept that plagues the mind of many a soul to believe that such existence is possible. Always thinking of the now and then. As night falls a new revelation of being unsure, dreams that catapult us into that sweet surrender and peace, or nightmares a plenty escaping a restful eve.

A pattern of inescapable before and afters, justifications of life’s decisions never matter. The here an now, the to and fro, making that the scariest place of the unknown. For some they have no faith that when our time ceases to exist that there is anything more. I tend to think it is the beginning of a new life in store. A new reality and questions answered, when we descend into that forever after.

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