1381516_10201690896371706_2107808660_nI lay in my bed, mind wandering, as usual. Constantly evaluating life, it’s meaning, and what it means to me. What is important anymore? Of course family is important, love, friends, and unfortunately money. However, one thing that has been at the top of my priority list as of late is travel. I don’t want to die someday and not have seen some of the beautiful places in this world. I don’t know how or when but I am determined to make it happen. There are vast oceans, beautiful countries with even more beautiful cultures. Big cities, and small mountain towns.
I’ve always said that I was a city girl, and not too keen on the outdoors, but this is only partially true. I love nature, I love the trees, flowers, and the big beautiful sky. Life and nature are mysteries that we may never fully understand but I think it’s that mystery that draws me to it. I want to ride a camel toward the pyramids of Giza. Maybe I won’t ever get to see the world in this life…but it’s something I strive for. If I could be poor but yet travel the world I would be a happier person. I’m already broke but traveling would make it ok.
My sister, her boyfriend, mom, and my niece are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My mom said that she wanted to see the ocean before she died, and I am happy that she was able to. I don’t think anyone should die before seeing the ocean. Rivers and lakes are fine for some, but there is something about the sandy beach, ocean air, and sound of crashing waves that I find calming and astonishing. A sunset is just a sunset until you watch the sun sink beneath the waves as if it is being swallowed by the sea, leaving faint traces of golden yellow, orange, and peach lying in its place of departure. And rainy days have never been more appealing. When the rain subsides and the sunlight peers down through breaks in the clouds and illuminates the water below, that is beauty. Those images are something that will always stick with me more than any others of nature. That is my peace and my serenity…my happy place.
Hopefully in the not so distant future I will be able to experience it all over again with my children and husband for the first time. I certainly hope they see it as the breathtaking experience that it is and really appreciate the wonders of what God has created for us little creatures called humans. For me it’s like being called home, somewhere I belong. Even if just for a little while. I can say that speaking to my mom daily on her vacation she definitely understands how I felt during my ocean visit oh so many years ago.
She said to me that it was amazing that she started to cry. I believe it, if it doesn’t make you cry, you really do not see the splendor and beauty laid out before you like a perfectly crafted heaven on Earth. It’s the closest feeling to euphoria that I could possibly think of. I can’t give my kids the world, but hopefully I can give them small pieces of it. Anybody that has an opportunity should seize it, show your children what you can while they are still children so that they can appreciate this life when they are older. Those memories and experiences will never leave them. Take pictures and capture every moment possible. Encourage them to explore the world for themselves as they get older, it’s important. It’s some of the best education and peace they will be able to have in this life.
When we are bogged down with stress and strain of the real world, a good vacation, long or short can really alleviate it. I told my mom that when our family went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City, KS I hadn’t seen Steve so relaxed in forever. It’s amazing what a few days away from where you live and the norm can change a person. I just feel like we as human beings have a lot of struggles in this life, things are far from simple and to be able to get away from it all is completely necessary. I think that if I ever won the lottery, I wouldn’t blow it on a bunch of stuff that I don’t need, but rather I would spend some of it just traveling. I would build a book of everywhere I had gone so that although I was only able to visit once it would really last a lifetime.


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