imagesIt’s 6:00 A.M. and I’ve awoken from my drug induced coma. My mouth hurts, but not as bad as it did yesterday when the drugs initially wore off. Now that I am not bogged down on Oxycodone I can think a little more clearly about the events of yesterday.

The morning started out with me over sleeping and Jade rushing into my room informing me that it was 8:44 A.M. All three of them were at home so I knew that they had missed the bus. I had apparently forgotten to set my alarm the night before and jumped out of bed in a hurry. I called Jeff to see if he were waiting outside, and he was. I rushed to pull myself together in a matter of minutes because I had my four week reporting/networking class to attend at  unemployment at 9:00 A.M. He came prepared with coffee and a banana. I called to let Steve know to have the kids ready because when I returned they were going to school. I suppose they thought that having missed the bus meant missing the day.

Jeff dropped me off and I went inside to weave my way down the corridor to the room, signed in, and then took my seat. I listened to the man drone on about how most of the older people in the room wouldn’t have as much luck finding a job as younger ones and the whole conversation was really depressing. After an hour I left to do my four week reporting and then it was back to the apartment to gather the children.

I had to sign them all in and did this hurriedly and returned to Jeff’s vehicle. We had  a couple of hours before I had to be at the dentist’s office and went to the mall. The anxiety of the pending procedure to have my tooth removed had been building. All weekend I had trouble sleeping and felt the pang of fear and nervousness. Getting the tooth pulled in itself is not the issue. I do not like needles anywhere near my mouth and looking at the space where a tooth once was while it’s still a fresh wound is something a bit frightening.

We walked around the mall for a bit, I got an Iced Chai from Starbucks and slowly started to calm down. We then went to Oriental Energy to get a quick massage. I went first as there was only one chair available and Jeff had offered me the spot. I readied myself and awaited expert hands to force my muscles to relax. I find myself relaxing only briefly here and there. I tried to keep my eyes shut but opened them to see gray pants and a red shirt moving forward and backward as the man worked on my shoulders. I think too much and my mind wanders too often to fully relax, but by the end of it I felt better than I had when I initially sat down. Jeff went next and I decided to pay as a thank you for taking me.

Jeff and I are friends, we met at Weekends Only. I would say he was one of the few salespeople that wasn’t rude to me when I started. When I was the new cashier I was learning and I was very slow, but Jeff is more patient and down to earth. He was easy to talk to, and I had found an ally in the strange newness that is my current job.

So after the massage we went to Sephora as I was looking for make-up that would cover the tattoos on my wrists. When I graduate this is something I will need to do unless I want to wear long sleeve’d white shirts under my scrubs in the summer months. The sales clerks were busy so I looked at different things. I found myself distracted by a pretty green polish with gold flecks. I opened the bottle and with brush against nail began to paint, loving how you can try out the products at Sephora. This beautiful green polish was a not so beautiful or justifiable $15.00. When the sales clerk approached I told her what I was looking for. Upon her trying different products on me and finding a couple that work rather well, Jeff went to the counter to purchase the polish that in my current financial situation I couldn’t bring myself to buy. I tried to protest but it was done before I could gather my thoughts. “An early birthday present,” he told me. So as I type this those flecks of gold in the green catch my eye from my fingers. I thanked him. We left the store to head to my appointment where I ran into my sister and niece. I talked for a few moments and then it was off to the dentist.

I had taken an Oxycodone somewhere between Starbucks and Sephora to prepare myself. It was in full effect by the time we reached the office. Jeff and I sat in the waiting room and chatted back and forth until they called my name. I was so relieved to see the Nitrous tank ready and waiting. Once I was breathing in the gas and it had taken effect the shots were not an issue. I kept my eyes closed and actually felt relaxed. More relaxed than a massage had made me, the combination of the oxycodone and gas had me feeling like I couldn’t move and didn’t want to. The drilling didn’t bother me and I kept my mouth open as wide as I could so that Dr. Marc could do his work. I heard the drill and thought I felt him pulling at the tooth. However, I can’t be sure what happened when because I was quite sedated. It wasn’t until after the procedure that the dental assistant said to me, “It was a good thing he agreed to do the procedure for only $60.00 because the tooth had broken off into a couple of pieces. He had to cut some of it out and shave down the bone. I remembered him asking for the diamond bur, which is not something typically used on teeth, but it would make sense if it were used on an actual jaw bone. I was happy to have it over with and trying to regain my senses. My mouth was numb and stuffed with gauze and my head cloudy.

It wasn’t until late in the evening when all the drugs had lost their potency and I felt a huge surge of pain in my jaw and the side of my face from the needle sticks. I took another Oxycodone and was again saved. I could’ve dealt with the pain more if I hadn’t been trying to eat something. Just chewing the pain was intense and I couldn’t eat, but I knew I had to. At some point I went back to sleep until I awoke early this morning. I feel much better and the pain of yesterday has nearly subsided completely, but I keep gauze over the wound because I do not want to see it yet, I don’t want my tongue to slide over the mangled gum flesh where my tooth once was. I’m not prepared for it yet. Matter of fact I think I will return to bed.


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